• What can Search Engine Optimization do for you?
    Find your Website at the top of major Search Engines
    Cost Effective Customer Acquisition
    Increase Sales
  • What are the Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising?
    Boost On-Line Presence Before Organic SEO Results
    Percise Return on Investment Tracking
    Complete Budget Control
  • Increase Sales through Local Search Marketing
    65% of Americans use Local Search to Find Businesses
    Increase your Mobile Search Presence
    Geo-Targeted Marketing
  • Profesional Web Design & Development Services
    Have a Custom Website that fits your Budget & Goals
    Content Management & E-commerce Solutions
    Designed with your Conversions in mind
  • What can Video Marketing do for your Business?
    Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings
    Attract a Larger Audience
    Be a Leader in Your Industry
  • How can E-mail Marketing Increase your Sales?
    Keep Customers Informed of New Products & Services
    Target Customers by Specific Interest
    Measurable Results
  • Build an Effective Social Media Campaign
    Improve Customer Interaction & Retention
    Build a strong Customer Following
    Increase Brand Awareness
  • On-Line Reputation Management Services
    Maintain positive Public Opinion on the Internet
    Stop the speading of Negative Press
    Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Internet Marketing, Consulting & Training
    Stay Current to Most Effective Internet Marketing Practices
    Increase Staff Knowledge and Proficiency
    Get the Most out of your Marketing Team

Start the process with our free optimization analysis. We review your current website and determine the best opportunities to improve your internet strategy. This also involves examining your particular industry and your direct and indirect competitors. We do all this to guarantee a custom optimization solution tailored to your budget, business model, customer base and marketing goals.

Our experts will optimize your web strategy. We work with you and your team to develop design and content elements. Depending on your needs, we utilize our search engine expertise, Pay-Per Click advertising, video marketing, social networking sites and much more to increase your website's search engine rankings, click thru rates and overall Return on Investment.

Apply our strategy, converting your website into a powerful marketing tool. As you adapt your current and future content you will see dramatic increases in the success of your internet ventures. Furthermore, Hit Exposure continues to be a partner in your success, providing vital statistics for your current strategy and assisting you where improvements are needed.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of maintaining a successful website. Without proper SEO application, your web presences will drown in the thousands or, for some industries, hundreds of thousands of online competitors around the world. The Hit Exposure team utilizes superior keyword development and placement strategies to see maximum search engine ranking. Furthermore, we consider every element of your website, from coding to aesthetic appeal. Using the best tools and techniques in the industry, we make sure that search engines give your website the highest possible priority and that you are never blocked because of "black hat" or less than honest optimization techniques. Read more about our Search Engine Optimization Services

Pay-Per Click

PPC advertising offers one of the best opportunities for businesses to see maximum Return on Investment in their advertising dollars. By strategically placing you ads, Hit Exposure can help you maintain an excellent click thru rate and ensure that each unique hit is a quality user and a potential customer. We guide your team in working with major search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo, to reach customers that are specifically searching for your products and services. With our strategy, you may even market to users seeking your competitors websites. For these reasons, Hit Exposure views PPC advertising as a fantastic way to gain new customers, one of the best investments of advertising dollars and an essential part of your online strategy. Read more about our Pay-Per-Click Services

Local Seach Marketing

Potential customers are no longer relying on the yellow pages to find local business. Now, local searches are done on computers and phones using features like Bing Local and Google Maps. Effective optimization techniques can ensure your presence in these searches and increase your rankings. Moreover, with the addition of Google +1 and the Bing "like" functions, it is essential that your content be geared toward being recommended by your customers. Hit Exposure can guide your team in taking advantage of the essential marketing opportunities of local search engine searches. Read more about our Local Search Marketing

Web Design & Development

Rather than relying on multiple sources for your web design, the most cost effective and simplest method for creating a website is using the skilled team at Hit Exposure. We are able to work from the ground up, building a website that implements a carefully planned SEO strategy. Furthermore, we can include marketing techniques to efficiently use your investment to provide the highest possible Return on Investment. Through all of this, we provide a single point of contact for you and your team to work with from the initial concept to a completed and functioning web presence. Read more about our Web Design & Development Services

Video Marketing

As users become more sophisticated, they expect a higher level of content. Through application of Video Marketing techniques, your company can take advantage of the dozens of popular video sharing websites. This offers free advertising to potential customers and, if properly used, a powerful way to build your companies brand. Moreover, high quality video content on your website can increase the time that customers spend on your page and the probability of conversion to a sale. Hit Exposure has a highly experienced team that can help you in development of video marketing strategies, video production and placement. Read more about our Video Marketing Services

E-mail Marketing

With the advent of spam filters, Email Marketing has become a difficult, but definitely not useless marketing tool. Rather, because users tend to filter out unneeded emails, your messages will be given even more importance. Hit Exposure relies on a variety of techniques to provide new and interesting content to users that will not only make them continue to read your correspondence, but click through to convert into an actual sale. We work with your team to make Email Marketing an extremely cost effective method for advertising directly to customers in a powerful and highly successful manner. Read more about our E-mail Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

The corporate and organizational world has become inundated with social networking websites. It is essential that a company maintain a strong connection with their customers through sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to create an immersive customer experience. Hit Exposure will guide your team in proper application of Social Media Marketing. This program ensures maximum advertising to customers, a great deal of positive feedback and involvement from friends and followers on social networking sites and an overall strengthening of your companies brand. Read more about our Social Media Services

On-Line Reputation Management

Any company with a successful website needs to maintain their Online Brand or Online Reputation. This is done using sophisticated optimization techniques that increase search engine rankings of positive content while decreasing the appearance of negative mentions. A solid online reputation management strategy will proactively respond to any criticism or slander from disgruntled customers or, often times, competitors. Hit Exposure's techniques ensure that potential customers see the value of your products and services, rather than be turned away by the occasional negative review. Read more about our On-Line Reputation Management Services

Internet Marketing & Consulting

For those companies that already have the resources to implement effective online marketing strategies, Hit Exposure can greatly improve the resulting Return on Investment. We do so by guiding your team in the latest and most effective marketing opportunities. As unparalleled professionals in the industry, we are at the forefront of advertising that will bring a significant number of quality hits to your website and create an immersive experience with your customers. We are able to consult with you and your staff as needed to reach these goals in a fast and highly cost effective manner. Read more about our Internet Marketing Consulting & Training Services

After 12 months with Hit Exposure our average monthly sales more than doubled. The decision to hire Hit Exposure has been one of the best we've made since launching our on-line shop.
Vertex Automotive

Rich Media’s Effect on Click-Through Rate and Engagement
October 20, 2015

What position do companies want to acquire in search engine results pages?  The obvious answer might seem to be “number one”, but rich media is changing this.

Getting their business ranked higher on search result has been the ultimate SEO goal for many business owners. A study from Advanced Web Ranking confirmed this by revealing the click-through rate of each Google position and page. more >>