5 Tips for Connecting With Potential Clients on Facebook

There’s a lot more to Facebook than just setting up a page for your business and hoping people show up. If you’re expecting a measurable ROI from social media, you’ll need to put in the extra effort to reach potential clients. The amount and quality of the content that you post, paired with the following tips, will get you the attention that your business needs.

1. Stay Relevant

In order to keep your page newsworthy to consumers, post timely information relating to your company. The more up-to-date and current your information is the more likely fans are to come to your Facebook page to receive this info. Hopefully this will drive them to visit your company website as well.

2. Quality Information

When posting to your business’ fan page, try to think like your potential clients, i.e., “What would draw me to this page if I were a consumer?” By putting yourself in the mind frame of the consumer you can better relate to their needs. To draw in fans, post information that is relevant to your company or industry, as well as news, tips, and details about upcoming and current promotions. After a while, your fans will look to your Facebook page as a source for information related to your company. The idea is to turn your Facebook fans from consumers of your information to paying clients.

3. Engage Fans

One of the greatest challenges in running a Facebook page is how to engage fans. Running promotions and contests is a great way to create a platform for your fans to speak out. Asking their opinion on specific topics will more than likely generate a buzz—after all, if there’s one thing people like to talk about it’s themselves. When fans comment on your status updates or photos, be sure to write back! Conversations are key to keeping people interested and developing brand loyalty.

4. Make It Personal

Fans are more likely to relate to your page if you let your company’s voice shine through. It’s important to keep your overall page professional but at the same time take on a personal tone when communicating with fans. For example, the Skittles Facebook page does a great job of engaging fans with humorous and quirky posts that sometimes don’t even make sense but they certainly get the job done—each of their posts receives hundreds of comments and thousands of “likes.” One fan even took the time to write on the Skittles wall to air his grievances over a recurring Skittles commercial during his television programming.

5. Be Patient

Converting fans into paying customers takes time! You won’t gain new followers overnight so don’t be discouraged if your page doesn’t grow by the thousands right away. Implement these five strategies along with a solid plan to post quality content consistently, and over time your company’s fan page will turn readers into loyal customers.

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