Achieve Maximum Web Success With the Power of Colors

Colors have a powerful impact on people because they make us sense things, trigger emotions and influence how we feel and think. Colors can be a very powerful tool in web design if used correctly. Here are some of the best practices for colors and when you should use them.

Web Colors

Colors Influence People

Information on the web is mainly presented on a visual platform. Colors influence people because if the Internet were simply black and white then it would be boring. Colors on the web can make a design more interesting and appealing, help differentiate brands and products, and catch attention. Colors also alter our decision making process because our decision making process is based on factual information and our emotions. Colors have a strong influence on our emotions because human emotions are highly color sensitive. Companies need to be aware of their impact on visitors as well. Colors used in web design need to be used carefully in order to achieve the maximum success.

Six Semantic Levels of Color

Political Meaning. Political parties identify themselves with colors and these colors become associates not only with the organization but with the viewpoints of that party as well. Colors have symbolic meaning therefore can stand for concrete opinions.

Symbolic Meaning. Due to life experiences humans develop associations to colors. The symbolic function makes humans feel something because they are able to link that color to a significant experience.

Psychological Meaning. Colors are able to arouse different emotions and feeling depending on previous experiences and personal preferences. These emotional preferences do not have any link to anything rational.

Traditional Meaning. Colors are typically associated to their own history and tradition like how the color red is associated to blood.

Cultural Context. Depending on your culture, colors are attached to different meanings. In each society our peers and environment teach people what the colors stand for. Therefore these teachings shape the values, beliefs, and lifestyle of individuals. Regarding web design the context of colors is important regarding to international business.

Creative Context. The impact of colors depends in what creative context they are expressed. Depending the color combination, it can make the color more or less intense, dominant or meaningful and therefore affecting their impact on individuals.

How to use the power of color

Not only do colors influence but they also affect how users perceive your company. It is also a major determining factor on how users behave on your website and how they react to your company. One way to use the power of color is by targeting your audience. Once you’ve decided the audience you want to target, research various colors that contain symbolic, cultural or political meaning to them. Also, think about what you want your company to represent and research colors that define your image intended. Remember that a color has various shades; therefore it is imperative to find the perfect shade that fits your brand. Make sure that your colors are displayed correctly on any digital device because different screens can alter your color. Colors can be sometimes overwhelming and it is important to not use too many different colors on your websites in order to not over stimulate your users. Consistency is important in every aspect of your business and colors are no exemption. If used inconsistently then the colors may confuse your users.

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