App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization

After Apple opened the doors on the Apple App Store, a virtual revolution took place that has changed communication, entertainment, and most importantly marketing. Since July of 2008 few modern business models can ignore the need for an effective and popular app. Competition, however, has escalated to auto insurance company levels. Rather than hiring a gecko, companies have begun to rely on optimization companies (such as company name) to effectively apply “App Store Optimization” techniques and ensure a successful app launch. This experience is essential in using the many tools available for ASO.

Starting with a Purpose and a Plan
Whether produced in-house or with third-pary help, developers must ensure any app provides a service to customers and is developed with an effective strategy for supplying that service. Apps that serve a minor or temporary purpose are marginally less popular as frequently used apps. Time spent in initial development can reap exponential rewards. Working with a trained optimization team is the best method for avoiding the pitfalls of a poor deployment process.

Creating Pleasing Content and Aesthetics
Companies must also ensure that developers create a app that is pleasing to both Apple and their customers. App store agreements give Apple miles of discretion for app deletion and they have been shown to take advantage of this in the past with anything deemed controversial. Moreover, customers will flock to an app that makes the “three appeals” in a broad enough manner to be desired by everyone. (Insert company name or ASO professionals) work with developers to acheive these goals and to create an aesthetically pleasing app. The app’s logo, for example, is the first attention getting opportunity an app has and can determine its success or failure. This holds true for the graphical interface. One that is clear and easy to understand will promote continued utilization. These guidelines keep customers satisfied and coming back.

Optimizing App Names and Descriptions
An app’s name is the first opportunity to use the SEO experience many modern companies have gained over the last decade. ASO companies are top professionals in this skill. They use research to illuminate the current trends in app popularity, and give clues about the most successful keywords. Function and market demographics also come into play. This consideration allows for an effective and informative name. The same rules are true of the description copy. It must be clear and concise about the purpose and function of the app, while including optimization key words. Caution, however, has to be taken that the app does not direct traffic elsewhere. This is one area where experience is invaluable.

Pricing Right
Some apps have gone on to create fantastic incomes for individuals or companies. Others have offered substantial marketing to customers. To reach these goals pricing should be competitive with other apps that provide similar services. The sheer number of apps, however, forces developers to have complete understanding of the current app market. Some companies find that giving away an app reaps the greatest rewards. A third option is to provide a free downgraded version of the app that allows users to take advantage of some features. This may pique customers interest interest toward purchasing the full app. A featureless free app, however, will only spur bad reviews and devastate sales.

Connect with Customers
ASO companies also take advantage of the inclusion of Facebook, blogs and websites in a marketing strategy. Many apps integrate Facebook applications, providing another means for immersing customers and providing a complete marketing experience.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews
Hundreds of high reviews are the surest sign of an apps success. Review counts has become one popular method for downloaders to weed out the less desirable apps. Requesting reviews in the description and integrating review popups in the app can increase reviews and sales significantly. Approaching reviews in the correct manner, however, is essential to getting good reviews. More importantly, it prevents poor reviews.

New apps are constantly fighting in an increasingly competitive field. Assistance by an ASO team, however, can ensure proper deployment. An effective app can result in tens of thousands of new customers, unexpected future marketing opportunities, and listing as one of the top 100 apps of all time. For more information or to request a quote call us at 877-801-5401

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