The Importance of Email Marketing

Amidst the rise of social media it seems as though a lot of companies have forgotten their roots. We’re all so busy posting this and tweeting that, but often we forget about one of the most effective online marketing campaigns—the email blast. Not to discredit social media—when used correctly it can be an extremely effective and somewhat necessary way to stay connected to customers in the 21st century. But with so many updates, alerts and posts coming our way we sometimes skim over the content. In this case, email marketing can have an advantage.While our news feeds are littered with tons of brands and organizations telling us to “like this” or “go here,” our inboxes remain a virtual desert. What happened to the days when we skipped over junk mail? With the rise of social media, it becomes harder to weed out what we don’t want. That’s where you come in—your email, that is.

The term “blast” sounds like an ugly way to describe how your emails are distributed—a large, fast burst of information spread out as far as it can reach, the connotation of which is often impersonal. Consumers don’t like this idea because it makes them feel like one small part of a much, much larger group. They think, “Company X won’t care if I don’t read their email. I’m just one of a million anyways.” While they may be right, you can’t gain the interest of consumers by lumping them into one audience. A great way to turn your “email blast” into more of an “email chat” is to personalize it. Gear the information toward each individual by using each recipient’s name when beginning the newsletter. This brings a level of familiarity that gives a sense of personalization. Consider running contests that welcome new subscribers. This should increase interest, and personalize the reading experience simultaneously.

The most important thing to remember about personalizing a newsletter or email blast is your audience. What are they interested in? Where does your target demographic live and what are their needs? By considering these key components you will gain the attention of your audience in a whole new way. Readers will see your company as a friend, rather than a business who is trying to make money off of them. The goal is get your readers to feel connected to your brand. Research shows that more than 50% of Facebook fans said they were more likely to make a purchase because of their social connection to the brand, and of those, 60% were more likely recommend that brand to a friend. Earn their trust and you will turn first-time buyers into lifelong customers.

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