Brand and Product Feedback on Social Media Platforms

Originally, the only way to let a brand know how you felt was through comment cards, emails and 1-800 numbers.  Social media has become the new medium for consumers to voice their opinions.

Brands fall into the trap of going on the defensive the second an unwanted comment or insight is made public on their sites.  This is not a bad thing.  Allowing your brand’s social media to be an open space for opinion can help you.  You gain valuable insights directly from consumers about your brand and products.  It will help to improve not only your products but the content you produce for social media as well.  Your fans and consumers know better than anyone about your products and they can ultimately decide your social media fate.

Not only can you use the negative and positive feedback to your own advantage but also you can capitalize on the negative feedback of your competitors.

Here are a few ways to sway the unhappy customers of your competitors in your direction:

Survey Your Competitors

Conversations on most social media platforms are public.  Use that to your advantage.  Monitor the conversations on the social media pages of your competitors.  You can go as far as interacting with the unhappy consumers of your competitors by suggesting them your product or service.  This is an effective tactic that can increase brand loyalty, engagement and overall have a positive impact on your brand.

Their Influencers Could Be Your Influencers

Brands exhaust every effort to control the conversations about themselves, but the reality is they cannot.  In the end, each brands influencers ultimately control the conversation and content that engage fans and followers.  So, why not go after others influencers?  The savviest of marketers and brand managers keep a close eye on their influencers, as well as the influencers of their competitors.  These influencers continually provide you with content related to your brand or product and can help you to learn the content that engages your fans and followers.

Your Product Can Always Be Better

Negative and positive feedback on a product is imperative for brands to learn and improve.  Consumers flock to social media to voice their opinion about products.  Negative feedback in particular is valuable information, even if it is not your product.  When you can see what others are saying about your competitors, you can use that to your advantage by using that information to improve your own product.

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