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The Little Feature That Could

Since Google’s inception over 15 years ago, search technology has undergone a golden age. Healthy competition and inventive innovation allows us to now access information that is literally at our fingertips. With the (relative) youth of AdWords and PPC as … Continue reading

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Webmaster Tool Update

Webmaster tool is a web application that greatly benefits everyone in the internet marketing world.  It has many different functions which include data for search queries, traffic, backlinks, etc.  Webmaster tool currently shows up to 100,000 backlinks which may seem … Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing: The Way of the Future?

We talk a lot about social media marketing and the importance of good quality SEO, but now businesses may have to consider an avenue that ten years ago we never would have imagined—mobile marketing. If you’re an AT&T wireless customer … Continue reading

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Companies to Expand Social Media Budget In 2010

With Facebook recently bumping Yahoo! from its spot as second most popular website in the U.S. , it’s no surprise that many companies have expanded their social media budgets for 2010. According to a recent industry survey conducted by US … Continue reading

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Bing! The Fastest Growing Search Engine

You’d have to be living under a rock to not have noticed Bing’s intensive marketing campaign in 2009. During nearly every commercial break was a cleverly placed advertisement from Microsoft’s newest search engine, featuring a person under the influence of … Continue reading

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Do you have keyword heavy content but are not getting your ROI expected?

You hear me saying this again and again, “Useful information wins over search engines”. In the quest to achieve top SEO results the visitor is sometimes forgotten. Having high quality SEO content also means that it should be written so … Continue reading

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