Content Writing for Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization (SEO) landscape is radically different in the post-Panda algorithm world. Quality content is now believed to be the end-all-be-all to ranking highly in search results. However, quality has always been a priority, even before the Panda update. Our understanding of how this content is used may evolve, but the simple reality is that quality of content will always be a key factor for search algorithms. Although the way the content works may change, doing things right from the start will ensure that your efforts are not wasted in the future. For instance, the addition of good, relevant content that is useful to your site’s visitors will improve site performance. The addition of extra pages and links will rank for new phases and drive more traffic to your website. Retention of visitors is important due to the fact that search engines will monitor how long their users stay in your website. If a visitor leaves right away, it means your page was irrelevant to that person’s needs.

In order to avoid this, broaden your appeal by providing content even for visitors that don’t require your services. This way, the user will stay on your site longer, indicating to the search engine that your website was useful or relevant to that visitor. In essence, the goal is to provide content that is easily accessible to both the search engine and the user in a manner that is interesting and focuses priority to the correct sections of your site. Understanding users and their thought processes is crucial to content placement. Being able to pinpoint areas of interest to visitors allows you to place your content more effectively. Adding value to your website by linking to articles or blogs is a good way of broadening your site’s appeal and utility.

Why Content For  SEO Infographic

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