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What is Tumblr?


Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything.

Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you happen to be. If you would want a custom look for your Blog or if you wanted a custom Mobile Application. It is a blogging platform and hosting service. Tumblr offers the opportunity for everything to be customized, from colors to your theme’s HTML.

It is user friendly and allows rapid posting. Many individuals are not familiar with using tumblr  and have a too-graphical interface which slows down anyone who’s new to the site, and lack of fine controls will frustrate more experienced bloggers. Hit Exposure is experienced with tumblr and has been servicing many companies to achieve most blogger’s ideal tumblr!

Tumblr offers Follow and Share Buttons. These buttons makes sharing information easy. These are commonly used on website blogs and articles. Tumblr share buttons promote your various social channels on your site and encourage visitors to follow your brand. Tumblr also offers a feedback option. Now you could get opinions and answers instantly! This neat feature allows posts to be answerable by the Tumblr community.


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Graphic Designers Miami


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Graphic Designers Miami

Hugo Brioso is one of Miami, Florida’s most talented and prolific graphic designers. When Hugo Brioso designed his website he put his trust in Hit Exposure to program a Content Management System (CMS) website that would be programmed with SEO in mind without compromising his original design. Hit Exposure did just that, by building a CMS site on a WordPress platform and meticulously comparing the original design to the final web site for any inconsistencies.


I can honestly say that working with Hit Exposure has by far been the best form of advertisement dollars we have ever spent. Their team provide first class personal service and have always been available to discuss any of our Internet marketing needs.
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