E-Mail Marketing Tips to Elevate Your Campaign

In today’s day and age successful email marketing campaigns are defined due to their higher open, response rates, and revenue generation. Small businesses that are busy with everyday tasks sometimes need a few tips to guide them into email marketing success.

Here are some suggestions to help you generate a more effective email campaign:

1. Subject Line is Key.

First impressions are critical in all forms of interactions and an email’s subject line is the “First Impression”. When people look through their emails the first thing they always see is the subject line. A subject line has the
potential to either gain or lose your audience’s attention. Typically adding your company’s name as a reference and provide specifics supporting your email topic will gain higher open rates.

2. Quality over Quantity

Providing your contacts with quality content in your emails increases the rate that they will read your email. Remember it is more important to send out content rich emails rather than it is to send out multiple or long winded
emails. Sending out quality emails gains the trusts of your contacts because they are less incline to few your email as spam. A good way to gain their trust is by providing information in your email that they can use immediately.

3. Focus on Who it’s “From”.

The best way to understand this concept is put yourself in their shoes. Would you be more likely to open an email from or People seek personalization and human connection rather than feeling like another receiver of an email sent out from an automated system. Therefore if you do not spend time personalizing your email address than your contacts won’t bother with you.

4. Variety

Consistency is key with any form of marketing campaign yet at the same time variety is equally important. You do not want to over abuse the efficiency of emails by sending to many out and you do not want to send a newsletter
every 3 months because in either case your contacts won’t read your emails. Be aware of how many emails you send out and how individuals are interacting with your emails. Be conscious of your follow ups and how to engage your contacts. Also many email-marketing services include click through analytics that monitor which readers spend time on your emails or forward them.

5. Mail Merge

Personalizing your emails doesn’t just end at your email address. Keep in mind that people love to their own names because it makes them feel as if the email was written to them personally. There are online services that have
simple options to directly insert names from your contact database straight into the email using a template editor.

6. Test. Test. Test.

Test everything. You never want to send out an email to potential consumers that have wrong or misguided information. It will not make you look good and loses your contacts attention. Test the way your email appears not only through your service provider but other service providers as well. Send out dummy emails to fake e-mails addresses you make have created to test out your email. It is also very important to test out your graphics. Images are a great eye catcher in any correspondence but it must be done right. Finally check your e-mail with a spam check tool before sending it out to ensure that your email is perfect and to catch any spam filters in your email.

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