E-mail Marketing Services

E-mail marketing services
Few advertising opportunities provide better one-on-one communication with potential customers than Email Marketing. Effectively employed, an Email campaign will provide valuable information to customers about your products, services and discounts; improve their loyalty to your brand; and direct them to your website for further information or purchases. Achieving these goals, however, has changed since the advent of the email filters. Proper use of Email Marketing is essential to preventing being listed as a spammer and having your correspondence fall into a spam or junk folder. Using ethical advertising techniques will make email filtering an asset to your marketing campaign, as it removes the multitude of junk emails that would otherwise drown out your message.

Hit Exposure’s team works closely with its clients to develop an effective Email Marketing Strategy. Employing this strategy, they will turn regular emails into powerful tools to build branding, drive quality hits to the website and increase revenue.

Below you will find a further explanation of the process Hit Exposure will use in your email advertising. Contact us for more information or to receive a free analysis from our Email Marketing experts.


In order to craft an effective Email Marketing campaign, Hit Exposure will first analyze your business, customers and competition. Each of these serves an important part in developing a successful marketing strategy. Company goals are the starting point for any advertising venture. These goals are the signposts Hit Exposure’s expert team will strive to meet and then exceed. Understanding your target market and customer demographics helps cater your message to produce the highest level of results. Analyzing your competition will identify opportunities to strongly counter their advertising and take advantage of their marketing weaknesses. Hit Exposure compiles this analysis and works with you and your staff to develop the best methodologies to employ when generating and sending emails.


The nature of modern email demands that any message be eye-catching, succinct and clear. Much like a webpage, the overall design is essential to success. Hit Exposure’s experts understand how to develop email content that sends the right message to potential customers and builds an exceptional conversion rate. Users will receive information that is both relevant and interesting. Just as importantly, the emails will have an aesthetic appeal but remain unhindered by the temporary image blocking technologies many email clients utilize. Overall, designs will efficiently prime customers for buying and bring them to your website where they can immediately purchase your goods and services.

A/B Testing of Subject Lines

One of the most important elements of Hit Exposure’s E-mail marketing services is A/B Testing. This testing involves sending different versions of the same information to different test groups of users. One example would be sending an email to half of your potential customers employing the email subject line you typically use, and sending a second message to the other half using a different email subject line. By carefully monitoring conversion rates and customer responses, Hit Exposure determines which methods will cater your messages precisely to your market and provide the highest Return on Investment (ROI).

Browser Usability Test

The increasing number of email clients, browsers and hardware platforms makes Browser Usability testing vital to the success of Email Marketing. Hit Exposure takes into account every permutation of email clients, such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail. Then careful testing is done to ensure emails appear correctly on these clients within Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. Furthermore, emails are checked for their appearance on mobile platforms like the iPad and iPhone, Android systems and the host of other phone and tablet devices. Each of these tests confirms that your message will reach clients in the manner you expect, perfectly communicating your message.

Spam Test

Once your emails have been written and designed, they must undergo extensive Spam Filter testing. Even the most innocent of email campaigns can see 20% to 50% of their emails fall uselessly in junk folders, wasting your time and investment. Hit Exposure uses internal spam checking tools to scan for keywords, punctuation, capitalization, HTML, recipient lists and more that might mark your messages as spam. This makes certain that the highest possible percent of emails reach your customers.

Segmentation of Users

As part of Hit Exposure’s intense statistical analysis of your email campaign, data of users and their activity after receiving your messages will be divided into a number of different classifications and sections. Depending on the desired information, the data can be split into opened and not opened emails, various interest levels in your products and services, different locations within your market and much more.

Detailed Reporting and Google Analytics Integration

As part of developing your Email Marketing campaign, Hit Exposure will provide detailed information on your hit counts, conversion rates and user activity. This involves integrating Google Analytics into your website. By accessing the Hit Exposure website or your Analytics account you can quickly access traffic information and the effectiveness of your marketing ventures, including your Email Campaign. Using this information, the Hit Exposure team can work with your staff to further improve email design and content, constantly improving your click conversion rates and ROI.

I can honestly say that working with Hit Exposure has by far been the best form of advertisement dollars we have ever spent. Their team provide first class personal service and have always been available to discuss any of our Internet marketing needs.
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