Facebook Makes Connecting Easier With New “Like” Button

Facebook continues its quest to make the world infinitely connected with the new “Like” button. A while back, Facebook introduced a platform called “Facebook Connect” where websites like Yahoo! and Covet allowed Facebook users to directly login to their accounts via these websites to access regular features and share content. But this became a hassle because who wants to always be logging in to Facebook wherever they go? Last week Facebook unveiled the new “Like” button—better, stronger and more efficient than the first. For example, the “Like” button can now be used to show your interest in business fan pages, without the hard commitment of “becoming a fan.” In doing this, Facebook hopes to expand people’s links and interests on a broader scale. But that’s not all—Facebook is taking its new “Like” button to the streets. Websites like Pandora, Yelp, and soon,, and Fandango will all have a “Like” button, or in some cases “Recommend,” on their sites. All you have to do is be logged into your Facebook account and you can instantly “Like” something anywhere in the web that it is supported. This action will place a story in your news feed for your friends to see. Before, you were able to see if Sally Sanders likes a fan page, but you will now also see that Sally Sanders likes a movie on Fandango, or supports an article on The benefit for you as the consumer is that you will be able to see things your friend’s “like” on a much broader scale, including seeing reviews from people you know and trust. In other words, Facebook is somehow managing to personalize your experience everywhere. The benefit for the retailers and websites that participate in this massive connection is a surge in website traffic and obvious brand recognition. Also, when you “Like” something (i.e. the movie “The Godfather” on IMDb), it will be added to your profile as an interest on the “Info” tab. Once the connection is made, “The Godfather” page can send you updates through the News Feed, and it will appear in search results. This will increase the amount of connections made between both Facebook friends and people throughout Facebook. In order for this to work for your business or fan page, keep in mind that people tend to trust things more that are recommended by people they know. Because of this it’s important now more than ever that you make lasting valuable impressions on customers who can potentially open up your brand to a plethora of people that you weren’t aware existed, and who weren’t aware of you. You can do this by creating quality content on your website and fan page, and engaging followers in conversation. Get people to open up by asking their opinions. When they leave a comment, respond to it. You’ll be surprised how willing people are to communicate from behind the safety of their computer screen. They may even give you some valuable feedback that will help you get noticed more in the online community.

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