Facebook Plugin for WordPress

The force of Facebook has undoubtfully driven the social web and social media world. Facebook has become a vital component for companies and brands worldwide. Thus, many companies has decided to integrate Facebook functionally into their websites. Currently nearly a quarter of the world’s top 10,000 website features some form of Facebook integration on their homepage. A Facebook integration could be anything from a widget to a social plugin.

Today, WordPress website owners can harness the power of Facebook with the Facebook for WordPress plugin to their site.
Facebook for WordPress
This plugin does not require any form of codes and no prior HTML knowledge is required. Also, the plugin offers support internationalization and mobile sites that are VIP approved. Now when you publish a new page or post on your WordPress site, the plugin will offer you numerous options such as mentioning specific Facebook users, pages, as well as the ability to add a message that will be posted with the content. Once the content is published it will appear on the companies WordPress and Facebook page simultaneously as well as the timeline’s of users that like the companies page. As you prepare you’re content the plugin enables you to set the settings that you desire. This means that you can set your post to appear any specific person’s timeline or you mention a specific person, page, or group on a post.

The plugin is also unique in the sense that is provides a variety of options that are easy on posts and page. Some of the options included are the like function, send and subscribe button, comments with SEO support and a recommendations bar that lets users start getting recommendations. The plugin also features a number of WordPress Widgets with drag and drop functionality that allows users to include social features such as recommendations, recent activity, and send and subscribe buttons inn their sites’ sidebars.

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