Frequently Asked Questions

Often asked SEO Questions and Answers

Have you ever had a problem understanding the fundamentals behind SEO and PPC, Hitexposure has provided some answers. If you have any further question please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “organic” search results.

Can search engines index pages with Flash? Will using Flash in your page lower its ranking?

Although search engines cannot index a Flash movie itself, it can read Flash text (in the HTML) used in the movie, the text in the movie along with the rest of the page HTML will be indexed. Flash does nothing to keep the page from being properly indexed, nor does it keep your page from being crawled.

How many times should you repeat a keyword in a single web page?

A keyword density of 3 to 6% is recommended although each search engine algorithm uses different factors for ranking.

Will reciprocal links to other sites increase my page rankings?

The more quality inbound links to your site, the higher your chances of achieving top page ranks. However keep in mind the Quality over Quantity rule when building your reciprocal links. A slew of links to and from unrelated sites or the use of (FFA) Free For All or link farms could cause penalization of your site by Search Engine Algorithms.

Do I need a robots.txt file and sitemap for my site to rank high?

The first thing search engine spiders look for is a robots.txt file to tell them if they are allowed to index the domain and what files they are excluded from crawling. If a sitemap is provided, they will follow every link on it. Including a robots.txt file and sitemap will assure that precise pages are being indexed by the search engine spiders.

Will switching server host affect my rankings?

No, it won’t affect your page rankings, but we suggest that you leave your site up on the old host for about a month’s time to ensure that the DNS propagates across the Web and that the search spiders have indexing the pages at the new host. Once you have confirmed that the spiders have crawled the new site, it should be safe to take down the site at the old server.

Can you guarantee a number one page positioning?

Nobody can guarantee a number one position or specific ranking for your site for a given keyword or phrase. There are simply too many factors involved to make such a guarantee. Search engines changing their ranking algorithms, efforts made by competitors, and new sites being added to the Web are just a few.

Are SEO services expensive?

SEO is a highly specialized craft requiring much research, forethought and skill. To correctly asses and implement SEO strategies can be extremely time consuming. Compared to offline and print advertising, SEO is quite cheap. The cost of having your Web site SEO optimized can be the best advertising dollars spent for your return on investment (ROI).

What are Black Hat SEO Practices?

The term Black Hat SEO is used to describe any tactics of search engine optimization which are considered unethical or are forbidden by search engines. In an effort to provide quality search results, Google and the other major search engines will penalize or ban sites they find using black hat SEO.

What are Meta tags?

Meta tags are HTML codes that can be inserted into the header of your web pages, after the meta title tag. The information meta tags carry is not seen by users who access your site, but it is used transmit information about your sites content to search engines. Due to Meta Black Hat practices search engine algorithms are giving less and less value to meta tags then they did a few years ago.

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