Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps Marketing

In the United States alone, there are approximately 373 million searches on Google daily. Online searches are being used more and more by consumers. Major search engines, like Google, effectively execute the task of displaying business information through their map applications. Google Maps, a map application created by Google, now leads all other map applications in quantity of searches. Google has even gone as far as displaying map results when consumers search online! Advantages such as these make Google Maps an excellent option for businesses looking to increase exposure in the market.

Google Maps is one of the most popular applications run by Google thus far. The way Google Maps works is simple. When a consumer searches a service or product on Google, a visual of listings is sometimes displayed on the screen for the consumer to view. These listings consist of local businesses that carry the product or offer the service that the consumer is looking for. Each listing includes the phone number, address, website and name of the local business.

Recently, Google has modified their search engine to include a map display for broad searches. This map includes local businesses that may carry the product or perform the service the consumer is looking for. For example, if a consumer searches something broad, like “sandwich,” Google will include a map of local businesses that serve sandwiches, on the first page of their search results.  Likewise, if you search custom suits Philadelphia, Google will show you a map of the business in that area. This is another reason why Google Maps optimization is imperative for a business to raise exposure.

Mobile Marketing on Google Maps

A whopping eighty five percent of the United States population Mobile Marketing on Google Mapsnow owns a mobile device. Mobile device technology is becoming more and more advanced. Cell phones are now used for activities like checking e-mail, reading news, and purchasing products online. Google Maps has prospered in this market. In fact, there are approximately 150 million consumers using the mobile version of Google Maps! Google Maps optimization is a great way to help your business reach this consumer audience.

Why let Hit Exposure Optimize Your Google Places Page?

Google Places Page

What do we mean by Google Map Optimization? At Hit Exposure, we don’t just post the listing of your company on Google Maps; we make sure that your business is highly exposed to local consumers. We use Google Places listings to help your business gain consumer attraction on Google Maps. Google Maps Optimization is a crucial part of our Local Search Marketing services.

Google Map Optimization

Hit Exposure’s extensive knowledge of Google Maps will surely work as an advantage to your business. We understand the elements Google Maps uses to rank their business listings. We will use this knowledge and understanding to boost your company’s rank in the Google Maps listings. Our years of experience have guided us to discovering the best scheme to approach Google Maps optimization with. Hit Exposure’s combination of knowledge and experience in this area will give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

With our expertise, you can rest assured that our Google Maps optimization services are trustworthy. As our client, you can depend on us to provide you with top quality service, regardless of the size of your business. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that potential consumers can easily locate your business online with a simple search. Google Maps is a potent tool already used by many businesses, both big and small; so why not get started now?

After 12 months with Hit Exposure our average monthly sales more than doubled. The decision to hire Hit Exposure has been one of the best we've made since launching our on-line shop.
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