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With the release of the new social media site Google +, many may feel sort of disoriented due to their familiarity with other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr.  For those who may not have heard of or seen Google +, it is a social media site similar to Facebook, but with new and simpler applications that enable users to share information to targeted contacts such as co-workers, business partners, and even followers that you place in certain groups. The site also gives users the tools to have video conference calls with your contacts, meet new users from different industries and kept up to date on the latest news based on personal topics of interest.

To keep our readers up to speed on social media marketing, here are the top 5 starter tips for Google +

1. Manage your contacts through your Circles
In order to get started on Google +, you definitely need to begin adding your contacts. This means finding your contacts that are already Google + users through your e-mail address or other social media sites or send out invites to those who are not yet users. You may be wondering what a circle is, and to answer your question, a circle is this new innovative format that Google has adopted in order for you to remain connected and organize your contacts.  You create circles based on how you want to categorize your contacts. The circle allows you to stream information to the circle it applies too rather than all your contacts as well as lets you see the stream of information from that select circle eliminating the confusing mess of your entire contacts stream in one place at the same time. For instance you can create three circles, family, friends, and business associates and then add your contact to the appropriate circle.  Managing your contacts is that easy! Now remember you can create as many circles as you want, there are no limits. Also you can add the same contact to more than one circle.  It is key to have some creativity with your circles, because the possibilities are endless with your circles. For example you can create a circle to share your favorite hangouts, an empty circle to be a personal electronic dairy or journal, blogs, followers, or just for your favorite topic.

2.Don’t Forget to Smile
It is very important to remember that the first image people see of you is their first impression of you. Unfortunately as the ideology goes your first impression is your last-even in cyber space. Therefore keep in mind that your profile picture should represent who you are and should make people remember you in a positive way when marketing your product or business.  Also, it helps when finding a specific person that they have a clear picture to identify them from all the users. Google + allows you to access any of your pictures from your computer, Picasa albums, other social media sites, and smart phones to upload to the site. You can crop, edit your photos on PicniK, or even if you are not done and don’t have time, Google + will save your unfinished photo in drafts.

3. Make your Profile Personal
Edit your profile as soon as possible with all the information necessary.  This allows others to find you quicker and puts your information out there to other users quicker.  Remember Google + makes your profile public automatic. Therefore to edit your information go to the Edit Profile button and click it to get started. There you can add links to your website, blogs,  and current interests. There is no word limit. So you can say what you want no matter how long or to the point you wish to be. When you are done, click done editing, and Tada, it’s all done!

4. Gently down the STREAM
Yes, the next key to Google + is learning how to manage and work your stream. Just like your profile, your stream has no word limit. You can say everything that you want without a limit.  When adding something new to your stream, you find various icons. To add a photo directly to your stream just click the camera icon with enables you to put any photo from your computer or straight from your phone to your stream. If you have an informative video about your business, industry, a new product, or a passion of yours then click on the play icon and you can upload that video in seconds straight from your computer, phone, or even your Youtube account. To add a link from your website, blog, or an important article regarding your industry simply click on the link icon and add your link. If you want to disclose your location then click on the marker icon and Google + will automatically locate you. When writing a post, Google + enables you to use asterisks to bold, underscores to italize, and dashes for strike through for your posts. Finally you pick your audience. This is when you select a certain circle or all circles to view your post or if that is not enough you can click on the add an audience icon and add more contacts to see your post. To avoid missing some comments from over eager bloggers or obsessive commenter’s then simply click on a circle to view what the stream of those contacts in your circle.

We all love shortcuts and Google + has a few that will make your social media experience a lot smoother.

  • Click on the j key to move down
  • Click on the k key to move up
  • Click on the @ key or + key to tag someone in a post
  • Click on the q key to add to Google Talk list
  • Click on the tab key to scroll through all your comments
  • Click on the enter key to open the comment box on a post
  • Click on the keys tab and enter to post a comment
  • Click on the space bar to scroll down
  • Click on the keys shift and space to scroll up
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