How to Optimize Your Blog

Small businesses and companies have begun adding monthly or weekly blogs as a key component in online marketing because it enables them to better connect with their customers.  The issue with blogs is that many businesses are not adding that extra “spice” to their blogs leaving them insipid and boring. Therefore their blogs become increasingly difficult to locate in search engines and they lose online user’s attention. Here are 4 tips that will guarantee the extra kick your blog needs in order to be noticed.


Keyword Search Tool

In order for a successful blog, you must do a little homework and use a keyword search tool to build a keyword glossary. A keyword search tool essentially lets you see what keywords users are typing and searching for.  It is essential to understand your targeted audience and what he/she may be searching for. Once you developed your glossary, put those words into use into your bog post or in any social media post.


Content Plan

Writing a blog seems very simple at first, but over time you may begin to feel the burden of lack of topics. Inevitably this strategy does not give you the results you desire. Therefore create a content plan for your blog. This means to switch it up every once in a while, sometimes you may have a serious and well-structured blog and other times create a free write about a relevant topic to your business.  A blog doesn’t always have to be an article. It can an interview, tips, company or industry news, product discussions, questions and answers, it can be pretty much what you desire.  Also it is important to use the feedback you receive from your readers. If they are interested in a certain topic then maybe you should pursue more similar topics in future blogs.


Put your keywords into use

We discussed previously about developing a key word glossary in tip #1, now it is time to use your glossary. Get into the habit of using these keywords in your blog as regular vocabulary.  Don’t forget to include the keyword in your blog title because that’s one of the most important aspects for your blog to remain relevant in search engines. Remember to keep a balance between reaching optimization for your readers as well as search engines.


Keywords in Links

Keep readers and search engines alike engaged in previous posts. This is done through descriptive links in your current blog post that touches that topic.  These links will usually appear as blue underlined text that has anchored text. The blue underlined text enables readers to have a heads up regarding what they will encounter when they click the link. At the time, these links improve how the page appears in search engine results.

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