How to Optimize your Presence on LinkedIn Today

For those you who may not know, LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site that enables you to connect with your peers and connections in the industry as well as it aides in creating new connections. As of March 2011, LinkedIn launched a new service “LinkedIn Today” which in essence is a news source for your connections and peers online. LinkedIn Today displays stories and news in aesthetically pleasing format from industries, connections and sources that you follow on the site. This service is unique in the sense that it drives business content rather than entertainment and technology news.

How does it work?

Simple, LinkedIn Today functions through a voting algorithm which matches users to their interests. In other words, once you find an article on a topic that interests you, click the “share” or “like” button. Immediately the site associates you with the topic and will match content similar to the article that interests you. Articles rise in popularity on the site as more targeted votes from the industry increase. Currently you can vote for an article on three platforms: LinkedIn Bar, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

To vote through the LinkedIn Bar, a user must post activity with the article’s link.  Once you click on the link, a LinkedIn branded browser bar will appear on the top of the page. Once you click on it, a description or tweet will appear on the bar like “Jamie Simms posted a link on LinkedIn”. This bar enables users to be able to like the article, comment or share with other your followers.

Voting through LinkedIn occurs through an accumulation of votes and shares. This can be accomplished when a user attached a link to their update using the “attached a link” button. Let’s say an article you shared has been already shared with another user. You can still post the article as a “reshared” which still counts as a vote for the article.  Once you attached a link to your update, it will count as a vote towards the article. Also, if you see an article shared by a connection that catches your attention you can click the “like” button. This also acts as a vote for the article.

Now in order to vote for an article via Twitter he/she must have their Twitter account tied to their LinkedIn account. A tweet about an article will count as a vote or if the user posts the article on their LinkedIn profile and then selects the “tweet” button. Remember in order for this to be possible, both accounts must be linked.


How do I optimize?

In order for your content to be successful on LinkedIn Today, users must share and comment it on it. LinkedIn Today searches for recent articles that have a large following. Needless to say the secret to making your content popular is to share. Some additional ways to share include, posting your stories as an update, to groups, and to send to individuals.

Once you post your article as an update, it will immediately appear on your profile. This means that your connections will have immediate access to your post. Your post will become public once another user clicks on the share number of your article.

If you are a member of a specific group on LinkedIn and your article pertains to their interest then share directly to the group. What better way to have your article appreciated then with a relevant audience?  You will have a high probability to catch the eye of a user if the article falls in their area of interest.

Now what if you don’t want to share your article with all your connections? Simply when sharing an article on LinkedIn just share with a specific connection or e-mail to that connection. LinkedIn does take this form of sharing into consideration when ranking articles.

You can also optimize your content by promoting on Twitter. Once again if your accounts are tied together this will be perfect. By tweeting about your article or sharing it on Twitter it will be shared not only with your LinkedIn connections but also your Twitter followers. This social media marketing increases your presence on LinkedIn Today.

Finally, add like-minded connections on LinkedIn. Sharing content with people who share your same interests is critical.  This increases the number of individuals viewing your content as well as increasing the number of likes for your content.


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