How to Promote Your Blog – Part 2

In Part One, we discussed how to promote your blog by using influential bloggers to attract attention and utilizing social media to reach new and current fans. But promoting your business blog isn’t all about Tweeting and connecting—if you want to get your blog noticed you’ll need to remember the important basics of good ole’ fashion internet marketing.

3. Create “Link-Bait” Posts and “Sticky” Headlines

Creating a compelling headline for your posts will help attract your readers’ attention and hopefully get them to return to your blog. Try some of these tips for head-turning titles:

· Write counter-intuitive posts like “The 10 Worst Online Marketing Ideas” or “The 5 Quickest Ways to Get Caught in the Spam Filter.” The positive attention-grabber will get people interested, while the negative side will draw them into your blog.

· Incorporate celebrities into posts (if appropriate for your industry) – i.e., “Top 10 Celebrity Tweets of the Week.”

· Leverage the sticky headline formula, “number + adjective + sticky message” – i.e., “5 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Blog Noticed” or “7 Most Common Mistakes of a Rookie Blogger.” Odd numbers and prime numbers usually work best for this formula, although ten is a great round classic.

4. Promote the Blog on Your Corporate Website

It’s important to gain some valuable real estate on the homepage of your corporate site – particularly in the early stages of getting a new blog up and running. Create a button with a link to the blog to appear on the homepage, or at the least provide a link to the blog in the navigation. As a new blog, it’s the best way to get noticed by your target audience and your current customers will be sure to notice the addition to your website. The blog link is usually posted in the upper right of your navigation bar for greater accessibility, but some companies choose to place a link to their blog on their footer navigation. For example, Twitter’s homepage has footer navigation, and their blog link is third from the left, indicating its importance right after “About” & “Contact”—arguably the most commonly visited pages of that navigation.

5. Promote the Blog Offline

For all of the online channels available to promote your blog, there are just as many offline channels to leverage. Don’t limit yourself to the online world. Instead:

* Add your blog URL to business cards.
* Promote your blog at industry events.
* Get print publications to pick up blog posts.
* Use word of mouth to let customers and business partners know of the new blog.
* Include the blog URL in the boilerplate of press releases (and in online releases, too).

These guidelines are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing your business blog. The most important thing to remember is to attract attention through social media, use website traffic to drive readers to your blog and don’t limit yourself to the internet—traditional marketing and communication forms can also be effective tools to increasing your readership.

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