How to Write the Best PPC Ad Copy

Understanding what motivates people and attracts their attention are important components in creating the best ad copy. The 5 different elements of a PPC Ad or any ad copy are: perceived value, risk reduction, credibility, call to action, and qualifiers. A simple way of catching attention is the use uppercase letters and exclamation marks! Building a list of the things you need helps to streamline the ad creation process. To begin, simply enter a relevant keyword into a search engine. This will allow you to identify your competition in a pinch. However, checking with Google Analytics is recommended, as it’s a more reliable method of identifying your competitors.

You can also use the Ad Words Auction Insights Tool to monitor them. It’s an easy process: click the “keyword” tab and then enter the keyword you’d like to search for, and then select the “Auction Insights” option. The results will display a list of your competitors. This information can be gathered and input into an excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet should break down the elements in your competitors’ ads to help you visualize which methods work and which don’t. From here you have the option of imitating a competitor’s ad or implementing an original approach. Be sure to include the five different elements of a PPC ad to your work. It’s also important to evaluate your ad’s perceived value. For instance, your ad could give the impression that the product being sold is a smart buy! The better of a deal the product seems, the more people will want to purchase it. In marketing, this is essential due to the simple fact that consumers will directly consider their impression of your ad when purchasing a product; in a sense, your ad could be more convincing than the actual product being sold.

From a practical standpoint, consider the retail industry. Unless a retailer is offering the absolute best prices, they’ll be sure to emphasize other positive aspects of their service, like free shipping. Knowing your target demographic is important as well, especially when considering the wording in your ad. For instance, an ad targeted to seniors might be phrased differently than one targeted to teenagers.

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