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Internet Marketing Consulting & Training

Internet Marketing Consulting Training
Call it what you will – internet marketing, online marketing, web marketing or e-marketing at Hit Exposure we marry established, proven sales and marketing methods with the latest technical services to enhance our client’s success. The pathways to that success are as varied as our clients themselves; some seek only to broadcast a message, while others want to collect leads or make sales with their secure, online stores. Regardless of the desired result, the process always begins with the same first steps – a thoughtful needs analysis and the establishment of marketing goals for the project. In our initial Internet marketing consultation, we’ll review your existing processes too, so our efforts produce results that will seamlessly integrate with your current efforts.

How big is your dream? Whether your goal is to break into new markets, increase customer retention or get your fair share of online sales, our Internet Marketing Consultants will develop strategies that achieve real, measurable results. Our extensive Internet marketing experience and industry leading tools enable us to deliver specific recommendations and customized educational presentations that will enable your marketing team to keep you ahead of the competition. Below are some key steps in our Internet marketing consulting process. Contact us for more information or to receive a free Internet Marketing Consultation.

Initial Consultation

The first thing we’ll do is listen. A lot. How do you currently do business, and what sets you apart from your competition? What are your strengths, your weaknesses, your goals? Only once we get a feel for your business can we make recommendations of our procedures and create a customized plan to grow your business, based on your company’s specific needs.

Keyword Analysis and Building

Keywords are the terms relevant to the products and services your company offers that are picked up by search engines. They can be single words or, more commonly, two or three word phrases. Identifying the most effective keywords that drive traffic to your web site are a critical part of any online success.

Industry & Competitor Analysis

With the eyes of a potential customer, we’ll review your competitors’ web site strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to develop a powerful strategy to ensure that your web site outperforms the competition. This competitive knowledge is key in crafting an effective, affordable strategy that permits your company to lead instead of follow.

Strategy Development and Implementation

The information gathered through analysis is distilled into a search engine strategy that best suits your needs and budget. Our recommendations come with easy to follow instructions, delivered via e-mail and available in your client administration panel. Your Hit Exposure consultant will follow up to assure that all strategies are implemented properly.

Web Site Design and Functionality Recommendation

Hit Exposure’s site recommendations produce sites that are well designed, easy to navigate, and full of useful, relevant information. In short, the kind of sites that inform, educate and motivate your customers, and keeps them coming back for more.

Domain Name Purchasing

Your domain name can be the single most important factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Whether starting a new web site or expanding your current web presence, Hit Exposure can guide you in the acquisition of top level domain names.

Technical On-Page Optimization Strategy

Beyond simple meta tagging, on-page optimization refers to content improvements made to increase your Web site’s ranking on search engines. Most on-page optimization is done to a sites content, HTML code, images, videos, and links. The team at Hit Exposure carefully examines your existing web pages and provides page-by-page recommendations engineered to appeal to search engines and your customers alike.

Link Building Strategy

High quality, incoming links are a vital part of our SEO strategy. The more sites linking to your site, the more likely it will be found by search engines. While page rank and relevance of these links are major factors, there are no simple short cuts to finding quality incoming links to your Web Site. Hit Exposure’s old-fashioned, hard work and sophisticated link exchange strategies are the keys to our successful link building campaigns.

Social Marketing Strategy

Social marketing places consumers at the center of an exchange process in which they act primarily out of self-interest – maximizing their ability to satisfy their desires. Hit Exposure helps your company create an affordable social marketing plan, building brand awareness and getting new consumers for your company. While we like those cute puppy pictures as much as anybody, we work hard to keep your presence on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace focused on the bottom line.

PPC Training and Strategy Development

With Hit Exposure customized Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns, we guide the spending of your web ad dollars as if they were our own, producing educational marketing videos that guide your staff to success. From account set up to keyword building and bid management, our step by step process is easy to follow and produces quality results.

Email Campaign Consulting

Hit Exposure email marketing campaigns keep your marketing message on target, and out of the spam filter. The largest marketing effort for many customers, we help with message design, content creation, list management, results tracking and adherence to industry best practices.

Education on SEO friendly Web-Development Techniques

SEO begins with the development of your Web site, and grows organically over time. Our educational videos guide your design team in building SEO friendly web pages that are attractive, user friendly and maintain the optimal media balance.

Monthly Reports and Results Overview

One primary advantage that web marketing efforts have over other media is your ability to track results. Hit Exposure will show you how to convert your Web site’s analysis and traffic reports from abstract streams of data into information you can use to grow your business. Whether you elect to receive these reports via e-mail or by logging on to your Client Administration Panel, we will periodically review the results in detail with you and determine what adjustments if any need to made.

The Bottom Line

Internet Marketing is often the biggest bang you can get for your marketing buck. Let Hit Exposure guide your efforts to maximize your return on this critical investment. Contact us today to schedule your Initial Consultation.

I can honestly say that working with Hit Exposure has by far been the best form of advertisement dollars we have ever spent. Their team provide first class personal service and have always been available to discuss any of our Internet marketing needs.
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