Internet Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

With the new Internet marketing revolution it is very easy for small businesses to feel lost. Here are 4 ways in which small business can increase their online relevance through Internet marketing.


Social Media

Now a day’s society runs on social media. This is the way that individual’s consume their information and a great expectation is placed on business to be involved in social media sites.  Through social media sites, owners can build relationships with their customers in a more personal manner. Businesses can post recent information about their company or product, host contests to create more customer interactions, or promote discounts that only followers or friends can view. However not all social media sites are the best for every company.  For instance, if you own a bakery you would probably create a Facebook fan page or twitter account. But if you own a law office you would probably be best to focus your social media marketing efforts on LinkedIn.  You must always remember who you’re intended audience is and target them in appropriate social media sites.



What better way to promote your company or business then through blogging. You can have someone in your company write a short informative blog that catches the eye of your audience each month or biweekly or write one yourself. You can write whatever you want in a blog. Just remember that it should remain relevant to your business. Blogs are a platform that makes you and your business more accessible to current customers and future customers.  The more followers you gain the higher the search ranking your blog with be on Google search results.


Become a Resource Center

Another great way is to become a resource center for your customers. You don’t always have to be selling your business. Sometimes the best exposure is helping others in their search for the best service or product. Guiding customers in a new venture is not only a good way to keep customers but attract new clients as well. Some formats include creating videos or podcasts, giving helpful tips and information about products, and forwarding articles and relating information to customers.


Newsletters and Email Marketing

It is always important to stay connect with customers and one of the best ways is by Email marketing. To attract new customers, you can always publish a benefit for joining your newsletters on a blog post or on social media sites.  This form of marketing not only drives more traffic to your site, but also provides useful and targeted information to your customers.

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