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5 Tips to transform your Mobile device into a Marketing Tool

Today smart phones are our lifeline to receive the latest information and news. Business owners should take advantage to transforming their mobile devices into the ultimate marketing tool. In order to accomplish this you would need to alter your mobile Internet. It is rare to surf the web on your phone and find that a company not only has a website but also a mobile friendly web site for your phone.

1. Have the user in mind
I always recommend that the individuals who haven’t had much exposure to websites exclusive for mobile phones to do some research before beginning your own. Start looking at other websites from companies in your industry to get a better understanding of what you’d like your own page to look like, but also for you to understand what the user expects. Always consider the users experience and what better way then
becoming a user yourself.

2. App or Website
You may be conflicted as to whether develop a mobile application, website, or both. Evaluate your business needs and from there decide what option is best for you. Depending on your business an application or website may be more appropriate. If a mobile application is the way to go then you should start
considering spending the extra money necessary.

3. Options, Options, Options
Keep in mind to always have a link to your actual full site when dealing with mobile websites. Every user is different and you should always remember options, options, and options. Some users may find a mobile website to be easier but it limits there user experience. A mobile website may omit certain sections of
the website which may be essentially what the user was looking for.

4. Check Ins
Today’s users are fascinated with Facebook Places and Foursqaure where they can check in where ever they are even if it’s in a diner. Business owners should take full advantage of this for their business because it will draw your clients and future customers in when they have a place to check in. Also, some
businesses over discounts and specials for checking in to their location. Therefore this will draw in a greater clientele.

5. Extra Tip – Use HTML5 video or fallback for Mobile Video.
To enhance the users experiences you can make your mobile site as basic or html rich as you desire. Remember to keep your users needs in mind, but try to maintain their attention with an eye catching site. Put in, as many html’s as desired and attract your users with mobile video. With mobile video you can pload and publish podcasts, interviews, propaganda, anything is possible.

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