On-Line Reputation Management

On-Line Reputation Management
Reputation Management has become an integral part of maintaining a positive corporate identity and a good relationship with customers and, for larger companies, shareholders. During the normal course of business, disgruntled customers and employees, as well as companies utilizing negative sales campaigns, will publish a vast amount of online comments and reviews. Left unattended, these publications can cause a growing number of customers to leave your company for competitors. This is even truer when company policies, such as recalls or changes in pricing, are released to the public. Simply put, Reputation Management is the process of increasing online public awareness of positive company news and information, while decreasing the popularity of negative websites, articles and blog postings.

Hit Exposure utilizes a number of powerful tools to combat bad press and create a glowing corporate image. This includes the use of Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM), which utilizes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to push negative results down in rankings while lifting positive ones. Content is created on company websites, social networking services, video sites and article publishing sites to form a consistent, positive message about your company and its products and services. Working with you and your staff, the HitExposure team will craft content showcasing the benefits your business provides your particular industry and your community. The end result will be a fantastic Return on Investment (ROI) from the multitude of online users who will grow to be loyal customers and company supporters.

Below you will find some of the Reputation Management tools Hit Exposure uses to grow your company’s online identity. Contact us for more information or to receive a free analysis from our Reputation Management experts.


Starting to grow your corporate identity requires an in-depth understanding of where you stand with employees, customers, local communities and the press. Hit Exposure starts this process by getting to know you and your staff. Then, search engine statistics and online publications are analyzed to find current trends of public attitudes. All this information is used to develop a strategy to connect your company with the public, maintain a positive image and prevent negative PR.

Web Content Monitoring

Even though Hit Exposure uses an intense initial analysis, new content is contently being generated about your company. Adapting to this new information is essential to maintaining an effective reputation strategy. For this reason, Hit Exposure uses Web Content Monitoring to scan for new content and updates relevant to your corporate image. Positive publications can then be popularized by generating “buzz”, while the spread of denigrating content is limited.

Website Content Development

Application of your Reputation Manangement strategy will largely involve the creation of new content. In response to negative press, Hit Exposure creates a number of alternative pages on your company’s website, word press and Google blogs and mini-websites dedicated to the information or event. These resources are properly optimized using proprietary SEO techniques to push down negative news and provide a positive and factual response.

Working with you and your team during important press releases, the team at Hit Exposure can use these same tools to bolster the popularity of your PR campaigns. When you have an important sale or change in services, information can be disseminated among several resources to provide you with excellent customer response.

Social Networking Services

Social Networking is an integral part of maintaining a company’s reputation. It is an opportunity to connect with a wide range of new customers and build a positive image through comments and “likes”. These same Reputation Management tools can be applied when trying to limit negative PR. Hit Exposure collaborates with you and your staff to inform company followers of recent and upcoming events while quickly sending a clear message in response to any potentially damaging information. The result, when paired with other management techniques, is a cohesive identity that continually builds loyalty to your company.

After 12 months with Hit Exposure our average monthly sales more than doubled. The decision to hire Hit Exposure has been one of the best we've made since launching our on-line shop.
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