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Pay Per Click Marketing
Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising offers a fantastic opportunity for you to efficiently turn each advertising dollar into a tremendous amount of sales and customer branding. Major search engines and social media websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook allow advertisers to buy precisely targeted ad space and pay only for those hits that reflect actual visits to your web site. Pay Per Click marketing allows you to focus your advertising efforts on a specific group of users who have already shown an interest in your products and services. Furthermore, proper application of PPC advertising allows free opportunities to brand customers who do not visit your web site. As a marketing tool, Pay Per Click will both ensure each hit on your web site is a quality sales opportunity, and inexpensively turn visitors into well-branded loyal customers.

Our expert team at Hit Exposure has perfected PPC to make the most of your advertising dollars, giving you an edge over your competition. We work with you, using the most powerful marketing tools in the industry, to develop a Pay Per Click campaign to revolutionize your advertising and web site optimization strategy. The final result: Convert clicks into sales!

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Initial Consultation

Our first goal at Hit Exposure is to get to know your company and its place in your industry. This initial consultation we provide is geared towered identifying how you can best take advantage of a Pay Per Click marketing campaign. We consider potential customers, industry marketing trends, your desired budget, and many other factors.

Our team also takes into account the conversion potential of your current website. The failure of a PPC ad campaign lies in its inability to convert page views into sales. Our experts are familiar with the design and content placement practices that will ensure high conversion rates and an excellent Return on Investment (ROI).

With this information we are able to create a custom plan to best meet your company’s marketing needs.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the terms and phrases that potential customers will type into a search engine related to products and services your web site offers. These keywords can be one or more phrases and vary in their effectiveness. Search engines determine the placement for your PPC advertisement from these terms. During our keyword analysis, we will use your expertise about your industry and our superior keyword identification tools to determine which terms will bring a higher volume of quality, targeted hits to your web site. This information will be then used to create a keyword list that can be applied to each aspect of your Pay Per Click marketing campaign.

Industry & Competitor Analysis

When you take advantage of Pay Per Click marketing you have the chance to garner a great deal of sales that might have been given to your competitors. In order to understand how best to ensure you are the preferred option in your industry, we examine the current marketing strategies employed by your competition. During this analysis we specifically look for strengths of their techniques, in order to recommend areas where you will need to be a powerful competitor, and sectors where they are weak or non-present, so that you can take advantage of their mistakes and greatly increase your market share.

Account Set Up

After completing a thorough analysis of your company, industry, and competition we immediately set your company up with accounts on Adwords, MSN Ad Center, and Yahoo Search Marketing accounts. We work with you and your marketing team to ensure all management and payment issues are well in hand, giving Hit Exposure the ability to focus on the success of your PPC Advertisements.

Ad Development

PPC ad development has many elements akin to typical advertising design. However, the small number of characters, rigorous editorial guidelines, and varied ad display methods create a number of challenges that must be overcome for your ad to have successful placement and conversion rates. Our expert team guides you through this process, making certain your Pay Per Click advertisements fulfill requirements, stand out to interested potential customers and effectively compete with similar ads that users may see at the same time.

Geo Targeting

Recent developments in global industry has made worldwide markets excellent locations to grow and expand an already successful business. Pay Per Click advertisements allow you the option to target speakers of any language. You also have the ability to determine the targeted group’s location, be it a foreign country or a nearby city. This freedom lets you and the Hit Exposure team work together to determine the demographics most likely to purchase your products and services and target them directly.

Content Network

No advertising opportunity is better than the chance to market to potential customers as they are considering the products and services of a competitor. With Google Adsense this has become a reality. The Hit Exposure team will use the Adsense system to place your company’s ads directly on web sites related to the same industry. By creating highly effective ads on these web sites, our expert team will help you to vastly increase your market share.

Bid Strategy

Pay Per Click advertisements are placed based on your Cost Per Click (CPC) bids. You have great flexibility in the pricing you will pay, but this choice greatly affects the ad locations you receive. We identify the exact CPC needed to achieve ample and proper ad placement. Often, Hit Exposure is able to achieve a greatly diminished Cost Per Click because of our dedication to using the best quality keywords. This ensures that you receive the highest Return on Investment possible. Our goal as partners in your success is to make each ad bring in the highest sales volume possible.

Landing Page

While many Pay Per Click ads are used to bring a potential customer to a company’s home page, a more effective strategy lies in the use of Landing Pages. These pages are designed to target their design and content toward a specific keyword. When users land here they can be marketed to in a very targeted manner or asked to provide information so that your sales team can assist them in their product or service selection. The Hit Exposure team is dedicated to working with you to create effective and highly directed landing pages for PPC ads. This will be a central strategy to achieving a high ROI.

Budget Consulting

Besides the initial PPC budget recommendations, Hit Exposure offers continued Budget Consulting to continually analyze the success level of a certain budget and how increasing or decreasing your CPC will improve your Return on Investment. Taking advantage of our systems advanced analysis tools, we can approximate how a change will affect the number of ad impressions you have and how many of these are converted into sales. A carefully controlled budget is key to your PPC marketing success.

Account Maintenance

After the initial setup of your Pay Per Click accounts and advertisements, constant monitoring and updating of your efforts will be essential to a high conversion rate. Our team will continue to assist you in developing new advertisements and managing budgeting and bidding details so that your PPC campaign grows and changes with your company. We also constantly work to improve keyword quality, ensuring the lowest possible Cost Per Click. This adaptation is vital to continuing the excellent Return on Investment we will establish.

Results Overview

In addition to the Google Analytics data, Hit exposure will provide you with in depth reports from administration tools that will allow you to have an exceedingly clear picture of the marketing success of your web site. You will be able to view visit counts and times in detail, pages that users entered and left from, referring web sites and much more through our customized reporting system. For your convenience, we can e-mail these reports to you directly or you can view them by logging in to Hit Exposure. Our team will periodically review this information with you to identify changes that need to be made and assist you in their implementation.

After 12 months with Hit Exposure our average monthly sales more than doubled. The decision to hire Hit Exposure has been one of the best we've made since launching our on-line shop.
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