Promoting Your Brand on Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets users connect to the things they love. Pinterest has the capability to be a promotional powerhouse for businesses and if you haven’t already joined the pinboarding bandwagon, it is time you do. A recent study revealed that Pinterest users are 79 percent more likely to purchase pinned products compared to the purchasing behavior of Facebook users. While another study revealed that merchants are obtaining an average order value of $80 from Pinterest shoppers compared the order value of Facebook shoppers with is less than half. Not only is this image based social network increasing shopper appeal, but it is also growing at a rapid pace. New statistics from comScore state that the company’s Latin American audience has increased at a rapid rate from 153,000 users in early 2012 to 1.3 million members in April 2012. Aside from just signing up your brand here are 4 ways to promote your brand on Pinterest.


1. Sweepstakes

Consumers are always attracted to sweepstakes for the possibility of winning a great deal and the fact it is easy to sign up. Sweepstakes are an easy way to gain the attention of Pinterest users. For example, Nine West a well known show retailer has over 20 boards that span from their best products to inspirations that are not only catching but interactive with consumers. For Mother’s Day they launched a promotion in which users could enter to win free products by simply repining and commenting on images.

2. Engage

Keeping up to date on the latest trends and updating users on your brands most recent product is key for success. Brands can go even a step further by offering tips and tutorials to users about their products to keep them
engaged. For instance another brand that is using Pinterest the right way is Gap. This mega retail store updates their boards in order to stay relevant and even offering style guides, but they go a step further creating engaging
pinboards dedicated to do it yourself arts and crafts ideas.

3. Product Tutorials

Pinterest is a perfect tool to educate your consumers and users on how to use your products. Sephora is a perfect example because they have developed the perfect way to attract users to their products. They have developed video
boards that include product demonstration and tutorials. One of their most popular boards is the “Trending Now” board, which exhibits models wearing their products and how consumers can reach that same look at home.

4. Stick to you Niche

This means to find your companies strong suit and stick to it. The main thing that attracts Pinterest users to the site is the ability to be able to share and gain ideas as well as plan big moments in life like holidays and weddings.
This has become a valuable tool for companies such as Home Depot and Nordstrom. Home Depot sells products to improve your home and is typically a masculine store. Therefore, Home Depot has created many boards for followers to explore and discover ideas for their homes for holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, how to revamp their homes for the spring and summer and perfect gift ideas for dad on Fathers Day. Nordstrom on the other hand has developed over 10 boards based on wedding concepts including hairstyle, fashion, and décor.

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