Rich Media’s Effect on Click-Through Rate and Engagement

What position do companies want to acquire in search engine results pages?  The obvious answer might seem to be “number one”, but rich media is changing this.

Getting their business ranked higher on search result has been the ultimate SEO goal for many business owners. A study from Advanced Web Ranking confirmed this by revealing the click-through rate of each Google position and page. Position one picks up 31.24% of click-throughs, whereas positions two and three drop to only 10-14%.

However, good news to those who can’t ever get onto top one. Last month, a study from Blue Nile revealed that search results featuring rich media, such as images, customer review ratings, etc. are achieving higher click-through rate than regular results.

Data from the test showed that, on average, a non rich media result in position 1 captured 48% click-throughs as where a rich media result ranked in position 2 achieved 61%, almost doubling 35% of a non rich media result in position 2.

What’s worth pointing out is that, another test e-commerce site’s click-through rate was enhanced by 67%, from 9% to 76%, when “star reviews” was festooned with the result, even though it was positioned in the second place.

Why are we seeing such great click-through rate on results with rich media? Rich media intuitively grabs more attention due to its higher-compact format & bright symbols. Another reason is people tend to trust a source more when they can see additional information within a result immediately, especially client reviews.


Takeaway: Marketers and business owners seeking to increase relevant traffic now have a new way to accomplish this, obtaining higher click-through rate on search results by using rich media.

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