Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Search Engine Optimization Services
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, has become the single most important aspect of running a successful website. We at Hit Exposure understand this fact and work tirelessly for our clients to ensure top rankings on search engines. Our expert SEO team does so by crafting a unique optimization solution for each and every client. One size does not fit all here. This is because different industries require different approaches. Consumers seek out an internet presence through a variety of means and we work with our clients to identify how their current and potential customers can and will find their website. Hit Exposure then determines a specialized Search Engine Optimization services plan catered to reaching the correct market in the most effective manner.

The only real question is: How many hits do you want? Our goal is to bring your website results from an uncompetitive page of a Google or Bing search to the all important 1st page. Even if your success as a fantastic product and service provider has brought you to a relatively high search result page, the 2nd to 4th page, we are not satisfied until you have one of the key 1st page spots. As we achieve this mutual goal your hit count will skyrocket. More importantly, these targeted Search Engine Optimization strategies ensure hits will come from potential customers, rather than misdirected viewers. Many companies find that, after a proper optimization, their advertising revenues more then pay for the expense of maintaining and improving their website. Other website owners who do not rely on advertising will find internet sales vastly increasing from their previous experiences. Whatever your website strategy, the Hit Exposure team will use their search engine optimization services expertise to ensure your website grows to its full sales and marketing potential.

Below you will find a more detailed explanation of the major steps Hit Exposure uses to employ SEO techniques in your websites design. Contact us for more information or to receive a free analysis from our Search Engine Optimization experts.

Initial Consultation

Our first goal with every client is to understand their needs. We want to listen to the methods you currently employ for reaching your customers. We want to know what kind of competition you face and what can we use to distinguish your company and make it stand out in the digital world. Mostly, we want to know you and your goals. Once we have this understanding, we can begin to recommend the correct SEO products and procedures to grow both your website and your overall business.

Keyword Analysis and Building

Keywords are the terms that customers will commonly use in search engines to find the produces and services your company offers. While some may be obvious single word terms, many keywords are two or three word phrases that are not expected to be used as often as they are like digital agency NYC. Hit Exposure uses special keyword analysis tools to identify the most common and less common phrases that will bring the highest number of customers to your web site. This process is essential for effective SEO.

Industry & Competitor Analysis

A major part of identifying opportunities for your website to excel starts by examining the competition. By studying the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ websites, our team can create a strategy geared specifically to establishing you as the go-to choice in your industry. This will enable you to take charge of your market share and grow it to its largest potential.

Source Code Optimization & W3C HTML Validation

It is essential that your website fit the standards established by the World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C. This public organization establishes a common protocol for source code that Search Engine Spiders use to place content into their index. We complete a W3C validation test on your entire site to ensure that its SEO content is correctly used to increase your search engine rankings.

Custom Page Title & Meta Tags Optimization

Meta tag optimization is one of the key elements of an effective search engine optimization strategy. Some might call this SEO 101. However, proper formatting, positioning and constant keyword monitoring are important to reap the maximum benefits on search engine rankings. We work with our time-tested utilities and your personal expertise of the industry to create a Website Title, Meta Description Tags, and Meta Keywords. This service is done manually by the experts at Hit Exposure to ensure the best SEO results for each and every webpage.

SEO Copywriting Optimization or Content Building

A key element in gaining and maintaining top search engine rankings is the use of effective website content, known as SEO copywriting. Our team helps properly insert what we have determined to be important keywords into your current content and will guide your staff in the creation of future content to be added to your website.

Landing Page Creation

An excellent method for increasing the sales conversion rate of your hit count is to utilize a targeted landing page. Our experts help you create this page, which can contain customer specific product and service information or a request for customer information. In the case of the latter, the lead can then be used by your team to convert the quality hit into a sale. These pages also provide another great location for Search Engine Optimized content.

Image Optimization

Images have the ability to increase the branding effect of your website and grow its aesthetic appeal. They are only effective, however, when content loads both quickly and correctly. Hit Exposure’s Image Optimization makes certain all image files of are the minimum files size possible without degrading the level of image quality. We also apply our expert SEO techniques to the file name, image name, and alt tag content, in order to take advantage of every search engine optimization opportunity.

Hyperlink Optimization

Hit Exposure’s search engine optimization gives special regard to all hyperlinks. Search Engines are designed to pay special attention to hyperlinks as they often contain more important data. By selecting the relevant keywords and linking them to related pages, we are able to force search engines to give a higher priority to this text.

Press Release Optimization

Similar to blog optimization, Press Release Optimization offers a chance to offer new SEO content to bring in high quality hit count. We are dedicated to working with your team in the creation of keyword-heavy press releases that employ strategic link placement directing readers to your site.

Blog Entries

Web logs, or Blogs have become an vital part of keeping in contact with your customers on a regular basis. Blog optimization is a great opportunity to utilize our SEO techniques to improve search engine rankings. Hit Exposure will work with you to develop interesting and relevant blog posts that will follow the search engine optimization protocols while developing a new level of customer loyalty and company branding.

Header Tag Optimization

Header tag optimization offers an opportunity much like that of meta tags. Header Tags are HTML tags used for formatting heading text and placing those headings into a hierarchy, ranging from H1 to h5. Search engine robots assign importance to header text according to the level of the tag. Hit Exposure recommends the proper SEO keywords that should be contained in these headings while assisting you in using Header Tags to create aesthetically appealing text.

Site Load Time Optimization

A website has a small length of time to make an impression to its main audience. That is because each user dedicates, on average, a very limited amount of attention to a single site. For this reason optimization of website load times are essential to getting your message across in an effective manner. During our analysis the Hit Exposure team tracks these site load times and identifies pages that need to be altered or divided to provide a quick, clear message to your customers.

HTML Site Map

Our team assists in the creation of an effective site map (or sitemap) for your website. A sitemap page organizes your web pages into an easily navigable hierarchy. This enables users to find pages more easily and helps search engine robots to understand the overall structure of your website, increasing the effectiveness of the SEO keywords placed on top-level pages.

XML Sitemap Optimization & Search Engine Submission

In order to improve the process of connecting your website with the world of searches, many search engine companies allow you to use their webmaster tool interface to upload an XML version of your sitemap. Hit Exposure assists you in the creation of this document and its submission to ensure search engine spiders are up to date on your latest content changes.

Robot Exclusion Protocol

Search Engine Spiders, also known as robots, are not able to differentiate from relevant content and unrelated information on a website. For this reason we take advantage of robot.txt files to give search engines exact instructions on which content to scan and which to disregard. This will increase the security of your private data and ensure our SEO grows your hit count in quality as well as quantity.

Site Structural Error Repair

Errors in the structural integrity of a website can cause users to be directed to the infamous “HTTP 404 Page Not Found” browser message. The same is true of the HTTP 301 Redirect Analysis, HTTP 400 , HTTP 403, and many more. We employ a top down analysis of your website structure that ensures each and every link works properly in all browsers. This guarantees that customers and search engines will be directed to your SEO content, as opposed to an error page.

I can honestly say that working with Hit Exposure has by far been the best form of advertisement dollars we have ever spent. Their team provide first class personal service and have always been available to discuss any of our Internet marketing needs.
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