Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
The fantastic popularity of Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace has revolutionized modern interpersonal communication. These and other “Web 2.0″ websites, or sites geared toward information sharing and user created content, offer an inexpensive and highly effective marketing opportunity. Moreover, businesses that want to remain relevant and competitive must take advantage of Social Media services.

Hit Exposure works tirelessly with clients to provide an immersive marketing environment. Social Media Marketing goes a long way toward producing this effect. Customers interact and in so doing are branded toward your company in a unique manner. They become more loyal and consistent customers while passively recommending you as they “follow”, “friend” and “like” you on their personal pages. This accumulation of contacts and associations creates an especially powerful advertising web, each strand leading countless potential customers to your website.

Below you will find a detailed guide to the major steps Hit Exposure uses to develop an exceptional Social Media Marketing campaign. Contact us for more information or to receive a free analysis from our Social Networking experts.


Before the Hit Exposure’s team takes your company into the web 2.0 world, their first goal is to get to know you and your company. Your current marketing strategy, goals, and budget all come into play as a customized Social Media plan is developed. Furthermore, it is essential to understand your customers. Social Media Marketing relies on understanding the desires and needs of users in order to reach those with extremely high potential for purchasing your good and services. It is this knowledge that helps Hit Exposure develop a strategy to provide excellent click conversion rates (CTR) on your Social Media content and an excellent Return on Investment (ROI).

Setup of Accounts

After a strategy has been developed to provide you with a superior Social Media Marketing campaign, Hit Exposure sets up accounts on each service relevant to you. These can include Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. While a simple process, correctly setting up user names, privacy setting and application participation, such as TrueTwit’s application on Twitter, is essential to your Social Networking success.

Designing of Pages

To be effective, Social Media pages must be well designed. Following similar optimization techniques used in their traditional web design, the Hit Exposure team creates a corporate identity that is aesthetically pleasing, appeals to the right market and will direct potential customers to your website. Using the best of keyword selection and placement, your page is quickly found by users interested in your company, your industry, or your products and services. More importantly, those same users will find content that makes them want to connect with the page and your companies updates. Each element is carefully considered and developed to achieve Social Media pages which will instantly brand and continually build customer loyalty. Hit Exposure can design and program custom Facebook fan pages and many other custom social media designs.

Fan acquisition

The “friends” and “followers” that create the backbone of Social Media are essential to your marketing campaign. Once your Social Networking Pages are complete, Hit Exposure uses proprietary processes and utilities to quickly build a strong fan base. Taking advantage of many elements within the Social Media services, customers are brought into the pages from a variety of avenues. Moreover, each user which connects to your page will extend this marketing onto their “friends” and “followers” alike.

PPC campaigns on Facebook to promote page

The Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising system on Facebook provides one of the most effective methods for bringing more potential customers to your page. At its very core, PPC is advertising space which targets individuals interested in your goods and services and is paid for only when the ad is clicked. When they sign up, each Facebook user gives extensive personal details about their likes and interests. Hit Exposure’s PPC marketing utilizes keywords specific to your clients to target those users. Furthermore, special attention is placed on the creation of advertisements. This ensures that you receive high conversion rates for those users who click on your ads, and free branding on those customers who do not.

Creating content for posting and twitting

The essence of Social Networking is fresh and interesting content. Daily “tweets” on Twitter and frequent posts on other Social Media sites create a constant line of communication between your company and its customers. This enables you to quickly inform your customer base about corporate changes, important industry news and product or pricing changes. More importantly, these updates give you the opportunity to constantly market to new and existing customers. Well written and properly optimized, your “tweets” and posts will give you an edge over your competition and provide you fantastic returns on your Social Media investment.

Detail reporting and Google analytics integration

As Hit Exposure maintains the content of your Social Media pages, extensive reports and statistics are created. Each Social Networking service will be connected to Google Analytics, providing the highest quality of data on user traffic and activities. You can easily access this information at any time to monitor the success of your marketing campaign, and to find areas where your strategy may need to be shifted in order to better appeal to your customers. The Hit Exposure team can work with your staff to develop more closely targeted ads and even higher conversion rates. This process of monitoring and redevelopment will, over the lifetime of your social networking pages, give you a ROI that is unparalleled in your other marketing ventures.

I can honestly say that working with Hit Exposure has by far been the best form of advertisement dollars we have ever spent. Their team provide first class personal service and have always been available to discuss any of our Internet marketing needs.
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