The Benefits of Facebook Ads

Just like Google, Yahoo & Bing, Facebook offers a Pay-Per-Click Marketing program. Below are a few reasons that make Facebook a powerful advertising medium.

1. Destination Options

Just like with Goggle advertisement, once someone clicks your ad they will be sent to your homepage or website.  What sets Facebook apart is that enables you to create groups, events, and pages revolving any topic you want (preferably your business) that increases your exposure to other users. Now instead of only directing individuals to your website, if you are having a onetime event or special, you can send them to your Facebook event or group page. Facebook enables you to be creative with your destination. All that you have to do is enter the URL for the destination you want your visitors to be sent to once seeing your ad.

2. Targeted Marketing

 Ever wish you can target only a select number of people rather than the whole Facebook network? Well Facebook ads do just the thing. This approach is based on a simple idea: Do you want to aim for very specific individuals or nonspecific large group of individuals? Facebook ads allow you to make your targeted audience as broad and as narrow as you with a range of questions pertaining to your audience. To start off you choose the country you want. If your business is international or you would like for it to be international, then you can type in the country you want your audience to be from. A very nifty thing is that on the side you can see how many users fit your criteria. The more specific your criteria is the lower the number goes. It is also important to know that Facebook gathers all this data based on the information users post on their profiles. Next you can decide what state, providence, region, or city you want to target. Here it is best to enter the area where your business is located, in order to attract locals. If you are not completely sure you can click a check mark on a box that says 50 mile radius. For example you own a car maintenance company that is located in Miami, Florida and when you click the 50 mile radius box users living 50 miles from Miami will also be able to see your ad. Next, you can decide what age group you fits your product or service, ethnicity, gender, relationship status, and sexual orientation. This is helps create a distinct audience. For some people these questions do not affect them, however if you own a beauty or cosmetic company your intended audience is women therefore you want to target women. But what you will find absolutely useful is the interests’ question. Here you type in any word that relates to your business. For instance let’s say you own a bakery, you can type the words Bakery, Cookie, Cupcake, Sweets, Chocolate, and then you see how many people have that interest and you can target them. It is a good reminder to type in the words plural also because some users have their like set to Cupcakes rather than Cupcake. Once you are done, take a look at the side bar and notice how many people you are targeting. Then when you post your ad that will be the number of users who will immediately be able to see your ad on their pages.

3. Full Budget Control

Another reason why you’ll  love Facebook ads is because you can set your own budget. It even goes as far as setting your daily budget, meaning how much you are willing to pay a day for people to your ad.  If you are using the Pay Per Click method it will tell you at the bottom an average cost per click. To create a smart and safe budget, first think about how many clicks per day your ad will receive. Once you have a number multiply that by the average cost per click. That number should be how much you should pay a day for Facebook Ads.  You can also pay the cost of the ad every month or week. After two weeks, when you go to look at your ad, you’ll find a pleasant surprise. Facebook calculates a data feedback for you with the whole nine yards including graphs and statistics. You can see how many people have seen your ad and how many people have clicked on your ad. This helps you establish future budgets. 

4. Unlimited Ads

Why settle for one ad when you can make countless ads? Facebook enables you to be creative with your social media marketing and advertisement campaigns. You can use your creativity to develop different eye catching ads and target different people.  You can do this when you go see your ads. There is a button that says create a new ad, you will click it and begin developing your ad. You will need to name your new campaign like going back to owning a bakery; I want to create an ad for a cupcake sale at my bakery. Therefore my new campaign will be called “Cupcakes” and revolve completely around my product. Facebook allows you the power to make as many ads as you may need. These ads can promote a business event or a special offer. Also, you can monitor your ads all in the same place. All you have to do it click on the ad campaigns name in order to follow its progress. You can always cancel an ad when the campaign is done or update your ad whenever you want as your business develops.

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