The Little Feature That Could

Since Google’s inception over 15 years ago, search technology has undergone a golden age. Healthy competition and inventive innovation allows us to now access information that is literally at our fingertips. With the (relative) youth of AdWords and PPC as a whole, industry professionals are still looking for niches to master the landscape. Among the newest breakthroughs, especially with last year’s removal of keywords from Google Analytics, is the interdependence between the more traditional SEO field and the newer PPC systems. Innovators have realized that by utilizing AdWords, and more specifically the Display Network’s remarketing feature we are essentially having the search giant algorithmically locate an entirely new audience to help with SEO.

Remarketing lists are Google’s version of lead generation. Every time a user visits a site, Google tracks their behavior and uses said information to better identify a user’s demographic. Using this data, they provide the option for advertisers to automatically serve ads to past visitors who have expressed an interest in your brand. They achieve this by tracking a visitor’s frequently visited domains and serve your ads on placements within these sites.  What this means to SEOs: data on an audience that exhibits the same behavioral patterns as previous users. Used properly, this could be a powerful tool not only to drive conversions but also increase traffic to your website.

This is comparable to cold calling and pursuing a lead. One would expect a significantly higher chance at securing a meaningful outcome with the latter. Similarly, catering your site to an audience who has previously expressed interest in it as opposed to a ‘carpet bombing’ approach could potentially lead a host of benefits, such as greater conversions.

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