Video Marketing Myths

3 Myths about Video Marketing

Even though today’s business marketing has become viral many
businesses still fear to commit to online marketing tools such as
videos. Thus limiting a great marketing opportunity. Hear are 3
myths dispelled about online video use.

Myth #1: Majority of people do not watch videos

In fact the opposite is true. A great majority of online users
prefer watching videos rather than reading content because it
is more visually appealing and summarizes a business quicker.
Business owners believe that not enough people watch videos
online hence they feel it is does not apply to them or it does not
benefit them. In reality they are passing up a great marketing
opportunity that other businesses are cashing into. Business
owners forget to take into account how easy it is to spread
a video online. With the reposting and blogging of videos on
popular social media sites and the more viewers a video obtains
the more visible it becomes in search engines.

Myth #2:Video quality is poor on search engines

Many people believe that Google is disorganized in their search
results meaning too many irrelevant results. Therefore they
assume that the wrong form of traffic or audience will be directed
to their business. The truth is that Google has become one of
the leading search engines in narrowing down and generating
specific search results. Once you post a video that is valuable to
your industry and catches people’s attention then Google search
engine makes that video visible and accessible to searchers.

Myth #3: Videos are too much work and too time consuming

In a sense these are two myths in one. Once upon a time, in
order to create a video it would take a lengthy process and one
in which those of us that are not too tech savvy or know about
video production would end up hiring a video company in order
to create their videos. But today this is completely different you
do not need to be a whiz with a video camera and effects or
screen write to post and create a video. You can use your own

smart phone cameras or a small video camera like a Flip Camera
and capture your video in an instant and immediately post onto
YouTube with your own phone and camera.

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