Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing Services
The success of YouTube and the variety of other video platforms has proved the effectiveness of internet video content. Video Marketing offers you an opportunity that text alone cannot, to immerse your customers into the experience your company offers. Your products and services will take on a unique importance to potential buyers as they are stimulated through stunning visuals, powerful audio and carefully crafted words.

Hit Exposure specializes in working with your company to create a custom marketing solution. With the cooperation of you and your staff, Video Marketing can be employed in several different ways to increase overall hits, conversion rates and your return on investment.

Below you will find the various steps Hit Exposure will use in the production and placement of your videos. Contact us for more information or to receive a free analysis from our Video Marketing experts.


Video Marketing offers so much more than a chance to showcase your products. Modern customers want to have the connection with you and your company that visual messages can offer. Hit Exposure achieves this connection by first doing an in-depth analysis of your company, customers and competitors. This information drives the development of a strategy which will meet your marketing goals, speak to your customers in a distinctive manner and take advantages of the weaknesses in your competitors and their advertising.

Script Writing

Hit Exposure offers Script Writing services that can revolutionize your marketing message. Combined expertise in advertising and web development will guide the creation of scripts which effectively brand users and bring potential customers to your website. An artful hand is required to build the various visual and aural pieces of content, bringing them together in a cohesive and effectual way. Doing so is the first step to seeing revolutionary increases in conversions to sales and overall returns.

Video Production and Editing

After drafting a powerful script, the process of Video Production and Editing is undertaken. Any video project involves countless variables. Equipment, lighting, background music, actors and more have to be in sync to produce initial content. Afterwards, expert editors are needed to compile the footage in a manner which follows the script and best represents your company. Hit Exposure simplifies this process by taking your script from planning to completion, working with you to provide an excellent video product.

Video Optimization

Web videos, like any other content, need to be properly optimized to reach targeted markets. Video Optimization requires careful keyword selection for use in Meta data and video descriptions. Appropriate keyword placement and frequency rates are essential to high rankings in video searches. Title selection is also important to reaching your audience. The Hit Exposure team uses their Search Engine Optimization expertise to create this information, putting your video content into the hands of relevant users.

Video Distribution

The many video platforms available online offer countless opportunities to connect with potential customers. However, uploading and optimizing videos on YouTube, Meta Café, Vimeo and the many other video services requires a large investment of resources and time. Hit Exposure streamlines this process, quickly adding your videos and other relevant information to those sites which analysis has shown to be effective platforms for your message.

Detailed reporting and Google analytics integration

Continued analysis of your Video Marketing campaign’s success will be vital to growing followers and constant increasing your conversion rates and return on investment. Employment of Google Analytics on your website will allow you to easily view data on your visitors, the rate of their conversion into sales and their other activities while browsing your website. As part of the video production and deployment, Hit Exposure will make these statistics easily accessible from your administrative panel or Analytics account. Working with you and your staff, improvements can be made to build on successes and improve weaknesses, consistently providing hit growth to your website and increasing revenue from sales.

I can honestly say that working with Hit Exposure has by far been the best form of advertisement dollars we have ever spent. Their team provide first class personal service and have always been available to discuss any of our Internet marketing needs.
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