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Web Design & Web Development
To remain relevant and competitive in the modern marketplace, your company needs to have an informative, organized and aesthetically pleasing website. This site will be a resource to will help users get to know you and your products and services. A well-designed internet presence will bring these potential customers in through various methods, build a strong loyalty to your brand, form a connection using resources like email updates or social networking services and convert these users into sales numbers and revenue.

Hit Exposure’s team utilizes superior web development strategies to take you from web planning to deployment. Their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experience, paired with expert skill in web design and content creation, will shape your website into a powerful tool to maintain your current customers and reach out into new markets and demographics. Also, your goals and desires always play a key role. Because Hit Exposure understands that you know your company and customers best, you are integral in the design process. Finish products will always conform to your wishes and the highest standards of development. More importantly, they will bring you new customers and an excellent Return on Investment (ROI).

Below you will find some of the services that are included in Hit Exposure’s Web Design and Development. Contact us for more information or to receive a free custom analysis from our Web Design experts.

Web Consulting

Even the best design teams can benefit from Web Consulting. Providing your project managers with a new perspective will empower them to strengthen content direction, aesthetic appeal and optimization. Hit Exposure will work guide your staff in every aspect of creating a successful and lucrative internet presence. The experts at Hit Exposure can also pick up the slack, answering development needs that would require new team members or expensive training to complete in house.

After website set up, regular consultation can help you break down web statistics and determine which elements of your strategy are successful and which need improvement. Hit Exposure will help you regularly strengthen your internet presence, each time increasing conversion rates and revenue.

Web Design

If your company requires a complete solution for web design, then Hit Exposure is the best option. Integration of SEO text elements and design excellence will make your website stand out against your competition. The Hit Exposure team achieves this by using a clean and efficient organizational method, creating a consistent and informative message throughout your web content and guiding customers to purchase your goods and services while becoming a loyal supporter of your company.

The textual and aesthetic appeal of Hit Exposure’s web design will immerse customers into an experience that will keep them returning to your website. These hits will then be converted into an exceptional number of sales and loyal customers. This high conversion rate and ROI, as well as the excellent overall design, will set your website apart and give you a competitive edge over others in your industry.

Web Development

Successful websites employ unique and effective Web Development techniques. Hit Exposure utilizes custom HTML/CSS coding, distinctive flash elements and proprietary client-side/server-side scripting to create a solution engineered to meet your specific internet goals. Also, every line of code is written with the highest of SEO standards.

This approach provides a foundation that will satisfy your customers need for fast loading times and error-free browsing. Equally important, users will be able to quickly locate your internet presence because of the superior optimization strategies used in development. Design elements can be added to this structure by your staff or Hit Exposure’s superior Web Design team to create a powerful web presence.

Web Maintenance

Maintenance is as integral to the success of a website as its initial deployment. Webpages that have not been updated recently fall in search engine rankings lose relevance for new and existing users and fail to take advantage of marketing opportunities. Hit Exposure’s Web Maintenance service provides fresh content and updated information while maintaining functionality and marketing budgets.

Fresh information will make customer want to continue in their loyalty to you. They will see your company as modern and reliable, increasing your sales. Search engines will also rank you higher, providing constant streams of new potential customers. These elements are essential to your web presence and overall ROI.

eCommerce Solutions

One of the most effective methods for gaining revenue from your web presence is applying an eCommerce Solution, allowing your customers to purchase products and services directly from your website. Partnering with Hit Exposure will help you adapt to Magneto, OsCommerce, ASP.NET Storefront and other ecommerce platforms. Your sales solution can also be converted to mobile devices. Furthermore, the Hit Exposure team can guide you in electronic fund administration, supply chain management and inventory management.

Adding these eCommerce elements can simplify your current sales process and reach a much wider customer base. For those who already have a “e-tail” storefront but haven’t integrated an eCommerce platform, management of the sales and supply processes can be streamlined. Regardless of your current setup, working with Hit Exposure to add eCommerce to your website will substantially increase your ROI and offer a significant service to your customers.

Content Management Systems

Much like the way a library catalogues and stores books, Content Management Systems (CMS) manage the text, photos and other forms of content on your website. Once integrated into your current website, CMS offer a simple interface that your non-technical staff members can effectively control. The Hit Exposure team can setup your website to work with CMS platforms, such as WordPress and Joomla, so that your company can monitor all online information, update or remove outdated content and adapt to rapidly changing environments.

These platforms will reduce the complexity in managing your website and reduce overall costs. As Hit Exposuren continues guides you in the use of your CMS, resources needed to maintain your web presence will further decrease, giving you the opportunity to apply time and capital toward other marketing strategies to further improve your website hits and conversion rates.

I can honestly say that working with Hit Exposure has by far been the best form of advertisement dollars we have ever spent. Their team provide first class personal service and have always been available to discuss any of our Internet marketing needs.
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