Why Use Bing?

Let’s face it; Google is the number one search engine that is currently available.  It has become so big that Google has now become a verb, i.e.: Google it.  However, many people forget about Bing.  Granted, you never hear anyone say “just Bing it”, but the search engine has been growing rapidly.  Bing’s market share has increased from 13% to 17.4% in the last year, which is only 2nd to Google.  Being in a heated competition with Google, Apple has recently announced that Siri will use Bing as the “default search engine.”

The targeted demographic Bing is marketing to ranges from 45-65+ years of age.  Basically, this means if you are trying to market to the “senior” age group, Bing is the search engine you want to use.

When it comes to organic search engine algorithms, Bing’s algorithm is nowhere near as complicated as Google’s.  The gap between the two is and will continue to rapidly grow as Google is vigorously changing their algorithm.  Bing’s algorithm focuses primarily on obtaining high page and domain authority, while also having quality links with relevant anchor texts.  The more relevant sites you link to your site, the better.

Being in the shadows, Bing is often forgotten. While Google may be at the forefront of the search engine race, Bing is slowly closing in.  As they say, slow and steady wins the race; but we will have to wait and see.

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