Yahoo! Teams Up with Twitter for Social Media Integration

Yahoo! Inc has announced a global partnership with Twitter that will integrate a continuous stream of tweets, the 140-character messages created by Twitter users, into the Yahoo! Homepage. This will allow users to read their Twitter feed, as well as post tweets of their own, without leaving the Yahoo! site. The partnership will also give users access to Twitter’s real-time public data stream which will show up in a variety of pages, including Yahoo! Search results and Yahoo! News, Finance Entertainment and even E-mail. Yahoo! will use the information gathered from the data stream to improve the relevance of content across Yahoo!’s websites. This means that the information your company posts on Twitter will potentially be available to the 600 million people in Yahoo!’s global network. For example, if Small Sporting Goods in Tulsa , Oklahoma tweets about the Canadians winning the Gold medal in Hockey, and Mike Everyman from Buffalo , New York does a Yahoo! search for Men’s Hockey in the Olympics, he may see that same tweet from Small Sporting Goods. The possibilities are endless.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter—which generates more than 50 million tweets everyday—pose an increasing threat to established internet giants like Yahoo! and Google whose businesses depend on selling online ads to large audiences. As a result, the integration of social media and internet search providers has become a recurring trend. This partnership comes months after Yahoo! announced its alliance with Facebook Connect, which allows users to update their Facebook status while being directly connected through services like Yahoo! News, Mail, Sports, and Answers. Similarly, Google launched its own social media response, Google Buzz, last month, which allows users of Gmail to integrate applications like Twitter and Flickr right into their Gmail page. In doing this, Yahoo! and Google are hoping to gain back the market share of their users who have become accustomed to shopping, getting news, and connecting with friends through social media sites.

In a recent study of more than 2,000 adults, conducted by Pew Internet, it was found that 75% of the people involved got their news online through e-mail or posts from social networking sites. By bridging the gap between news and socializing, these internet giants are creating an ultimate dashboard for the modern consumer. One can do a Yahoo! search for anything and at the same time see an unfiltered tweet from a fellow consumer about this same topic. As a result, companies are becoming more transparent to the public, and thus, more trustworthy and accessible. It’s a win/win.

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